Susanne began her stand-up career in October of 2012.  Since that time, she has performed across  the country in venues from Maine to Anchorage Alaska.  A member of the Vermont Comedy Divas,  and the co-founder of Divas Do Good, Susanne has performed with The Boston Comedy Chicks, The Vermont Comedy Club, The Boston Woman In Comedy Festival, and the in-famous Leavity Comedy Club.  Studies have shown that twenty minutes  with this therapist-turned-comic is both cheaper and more effective than years  of actual therapy.


In 2015, Susanne was named the Academy of Music Theater - Valley Voices Story Slam "Best Storyteller",  was the First Place and Audience Favorite at Extempo Vermont's Tournament of Champions  "Tell Off" and a Moth Story Slam winner.  Susanne is currently a host and the regional producer for The Moth in Vermont. Susanne has been selected to perform in The Boston Women in Comedy Festival, The SheDot Toronto Comedy Festival, Arctic Entries Alaska and The Green Mountain Comedy Festival. Susanne teaches storytelling at the Flynn Theater. For more information about where you can see her shows visit her calendar. 


When not telling jokes and stories, Susanne is the drummer for the brevity thing



Susanne is a host and the regional producer for The Moth in Vermont. In her latest endeavor, Say it Forward Productions  Susanne joins with mission-driven child and  family organizations across New England to facilitate workshops, design trainings and host fundraising events that enhance communication, support collaboration and celebrate community.  Susanne teaches storytelling at The Flynn Center fro the Performing Arts. 

"Never a dull moment... a guaranteed laugh every 5 seconds!

Jen Dole - Founder of Extempo Vermont

"Powerful, hysterical and thought-provoking... a winning combination."

Parent- Child Center, Executive Director

"By far the best part of the conference was Sue's presentation."

Vermont Family Network Conference 

"What an awesome host from start to finish!"

Vermont Works for Women

"She's always been special."

Virginia Schmidt